Here When You Need Us

If you can call before coming in, it is appreciated as we can make sure our staff is prepared to quickly stabilize your pet and our veterinarian is readily available to assess his or her condition.

We can treat all manner of emergencies in dogs and cats, and we maintain an excellent relationship with area specialists so that, if needed, we can make a referral for specialized care options.

Is It An Emergency?

Pets tend to hide symptoms of illness and injury as a defense mechanism so that they do not attract the attention of predators. By the time a pet is openly showing signs of problems, the condition is typically very advanced and critical.

A general rule we have found is that if a pet owner senses that there is something not right with the pet, there is reason to have the pet examined.

Some symptoms and situations that should be seen as emergencies include (not a comprehensive list):

  • Persistent vomiting

  • Persistent diarrhea

  • Straining to urinate

  • Blood in the urine or feces

  • Loss of appetite for more than one day

  • Sudden weakness or collapse

  • Disorientation

  • Significant behavioral change

  • Seizure lasting more than 10 minutes or multiple seizures in one day

  • Bleeding with no known cause

  • Difficulty breathing

  • Hit by a car

  • Animal attack

  • Traumatic injury

  • Crying out in pain

  • Sudden weight loss

  • Sudden weight gain

Whenever you have a question about your pet’s health, we encourage you to contact the hospital. It is better to check in with us than to ignore a small problem and have it develop into something critical.