Annual Pet Health Exams

In the wild, animals hide pain and injury to avoid attracting the attention of predators. Pets do the same thing, making it hard for owners to recognize when a pet is having issues. Annual blood work will allow our team to detect any subtle changes in health.

At your pet’s exam, the veterinarian will check your pet’s systems from nose to tail. Every checkup also includes an eye exam and a dental exam. Our doctors will address any concerns you have regarding your pet’s health or behaviors and will alert you of any common issues for the specific breed, age, or condition of your pet.

Pet Vaccinations

All pets need vaccinations, but not all pets need all of the available vaccinations. The veterinarians of Lawndale Pet Hospital will evaluate your pet and his or her specific risk factors to help you select the vaccines that will offer the appropriate protection.

Some diseases that are common in our area and that we regularly recommend vaccinating against include:

  • Canine parvovirus — Parvo is a highly contagious and life-threatening illness that causes:

    • Severe vomiting

    • Bloody diarrhea

    • Lethargy

    • Dehydration

  • Vaccinating against parvovirus is highly recommended for all puppies and dogs in the South Bay area.

  • Feline leukemia — This virus spreads easily from one cat to the next and, while we can easily vaccinate to protect kittens and adult cats, there is no cure should an unprotected cat contract the disease. Some infected cats show no signs of infection, while others can show a wide variety of symptoms, including:

    • Weight loss

    • Loss of appetite

    • Vomiting

    • Diarrhea

    • Difficulty breathing

    • Lethargy

  • Lawndale Pet Hospital strongly recommends that all cats are tested for feline leukemia and, as long as the test is negative, vaccinated for protection.

Parasite Prevention

  • Intestinal parasites — Lawndale Pet Hospital recommends annual fecal screening for intestinal worms and treatment as needed.

  • Fleas and ticks — As parasites both of pets and humans, fleas and ticks can cause great discomfort and regularly transfer from dogs and cats to people. Itchy and painful sores can result from flea and tick bites as well as the transmission of disease.